The most commonly questions.

If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to ask.

What vaccinations does my cat need to stay at your hotel?

Answer will be: FVRCP is a must and Feline Leukemia is required up to a certain age but a history of the vaccine is required.


Do the cats fight in a free roam situation?

Answer: It is extremely rare that cats fight here at the hotel but if any cat shows unprovoked aggression towards another guest they will be immediately separated and not accepted back to the hotel.

What if my cat is on special food and can’t eat other types of cat food?

Answer: This can be a problem for your cat in a free roam situation as food and water dishes are left out and snacking occurs.

How long can my cat stay with you?

One month is the limit for a cat stay. Over the years we have noticed that the long stays can be hard on some of our guests as they watch lots of other cats getting to return home and they begin to feel like this is their new home. On occasion cats can begin to get territorial over the hotel space. Stays over 2 weeks will require a deposit of 50% down upon check in.

Do I need to treat my cat for fleas before it stays with you?

Answer: If your cat goes outdoors it needs to be on a regular flea program and be treated no less than a week before arrival.

What happens at check in?

Each new guest is given their very own apartment with everything they need when they check in. We keep their apartment door shut until they feel settled in their new space. Once they’re ready to mingle their door will be left open and they can come and go as they want.

What do I bring along at check in?

Along with your beloved cat all you really need to bring along at check in is ample food for their stay in case you are delayed returning. A blanket or bed from home is allowed but most of the time they love sleeping in a new place. I supply everything from two types of litter to food dishes and blankets.

Will you give me updates on my cats stay?

Yes I will, you will receive photos and videos of your cat and what they are up to. Mrs. Dolittle’s Cat Hotel Facebook Page will also feature our adorable guests!